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Ian's Pitts Project
G-BETI Rebuild
Andy's Pitts Project
G-IIDY at AWAC 2004
Al's S2A
PFA Rally 2003
G-BXAU Upgrade
Biplane Gathering
Airshow Models
Super Stinker Flies!
Pete's Ultimate Pitts
Super Stinker
Clive's Pitts Project
Alan's Pitts in Flight
Peter Leggo's Pitts
Andre's Pitts S-1C
Mark's Pitts S-1T
Well Done Alan!
Millennium Exhibit

News of Aerographic Customers and Friends

Ian's Pitts Project 

Latest progress on Ian Searson's Pitts S1-S Project. Almost finished!

New pictures added 20 August 2005.

Photos of G-BTUL

Neil Bigrigg's photographs of Soaring (Oxford)'s Pitts S-2A

Added 12 August 2005.

G-BETI Rebuild Project 

Here are some photographs of G-BETI, being rebuilt by Neil Scully, Dave Puleston and David Brothers.

Latest news. It flies!

24 January 2005

Andy's Pitts Project 

Latest progress on Andy Ingold's Pitts S1-S Project.

3 January 2005.

G-IIDY at AWAC 2004 

Photos from the 2004 Advanced World Aerobatics Championships in Sweden.

3 January 2005.

Al's Pitts S-2A

Photos of Al Coutts' new toy.

3 January 2005.

Farrell McGee's Pitts S-1E

Farrell McGee has just imported this ex Sam Burgess Pitts S-1E from the USA.

16 April 2004.

Pitts S-1SS in Finland 

This Pitts S-1SS is based in Finland. The aircraft has recently been fitted with S-1SS wings.

24th December 2003.

PFA Rally 2003

Gary Ferriman won the Air Squadron Trophy for the best plans-built aircraft at the 2003 PFA Rally at Kemble. 

New pictures added 25 September 2003.

Tim Jenkinson's Falcon Pitts S-1S

Tim Jenkinson has just finished and test flown his Falcon wing Pitts S-1S. 

Updated 27 June 2003

Paul Tomlinson's Pitts S-1C

This Pitts S-1C is owned by Paul Tomlinson, who has just completed an update program on the aeroplane, including fuel injection, streamlined cowl doors, etc.

Updated 16 June 2003

Clive's Pitts S-2B 

Here is Clive Butler's S2-B G-BPLY.

16 June 2003.

Leicester Biplane Photos

A line-up of biplanes at Leicester. 

Updated 10th March 2003.

Nick Watson's Pitts S-1D G-BXAF

This is Nick Watson's Pitts S-1D G-BXAF. This aircraft was built by Frank Sharples with specialist services from Aerographic. More photos added. Thanks Nick!

24 February 2003.

Richard Buchan's Pitts G-OODI

Richard Buchan has recently brought his Pitts G-OODI to live at Leicester.

4th February 2003.

Pete Groves and Airshow Models

Pete Groves has built two full-size Pitts Specials and has developed a range of resin injected models of aerobatic aircraft.

22 January 2003.

Gary's Pitts Super Stinker Flies

This is Gary Ferriman's Pitts Super Stinker in flight.

14 December 2002.

Pete's Other Pitts

G-BXTI is a group-owned Pitts S-1S based at White Waltham aerodrome. Pete Roberts has acquired a share.

21 December 2002.

Pete's Ultimate Pitts Project

This is the first Pitts S-1S to be built with Ultimate wings in the UK. It is being built by Pete Roberts, with specialist services and specialist parts provided by Aerographic.

Updated 21 December 2002.

Paul Ambrose's Pitts S-2B 

Paul Ambrose has purchased Pitts S-2B G-OGEE. His Pitts S-1D G-BLAG has been sold to Giles Caunter.

14 December 2002.

Martin O'Hearne's Pitts G-FCUK

Martin O'Hearne has acquired Andre Ronnberg's Pitts S-1C from Finland and has imported it into the UK as G-FCUK. 

14 December 2002.

Clive's Pitts S-1S Project

This is Clive Butler with the top wing of his Pitts S-1S project. 

Latest: Clive has now taken on a Pitts S-1T project and his S-1S project has been sold to Chris Malkin.

Updated 14th December 2002.

Bruntons Wires 

Here is Andrew Stevenson of Bruntons Aero Products, the flying wire people, with Curtis Pitts in front of the Pitts Macho-Stinker prototype. Apart from providing for all our tie-rod, flying-wire and internal bracing-wire requirements, Bruntons are clearly sport-biplane enthusiasts!

7 December 2000.

Alan Coutts' Pitts S-1S in Flight

Here are some air-to-air photographs of Alan Coutts' Pitts. 

Updated 23 February 2002

Gary's Super Stinker Project

The first UK Pitts Super Stinker is being built by Gary Ferriman. Aerographic has supplied specialist services to help progress this exciting project. We are looking forward to seeing this machine perform. 

Updated 26 July 2002

Pitts G-LOOP

This 150 hp Pitts S-1D has recently been acquired by David Shutter from Clive Butler, and it has come to live at Leicester.

14th December 2002.

Peter Leggo's Pitts S-1D

This Pitts S-1D is Peter Leggo's second homebuilt aircraft, the first being a Starduster Too.

Update: Aircraft has been sold to Shawn Doyle at Leicester.

Updated 4 June 2001

Andre Ronnberg's Pitts S-1C 

This Pitts S-1C is based in Finland. The owner, Andre Ronnberg has rebuilt the aeroplane and now uses it for aerobatic competitions.

Latest- The aircraft has now been imported into the UK as G-FCUK. See above.

Updated 14th December 2002..

Well Done Trevor!

Following extensive engine work following an expensive oil leak, Trevor Sanderson has recently got G-MINT flying again. Well Done!

Updated 7 December 2000.

Mark's Pitts S-1T

This is Mark Dunkerley's Pitts S-1T, operated in Texas.

Mark previously operated a Pitts S1-D G-BLAG in the UK before moving to the USA. 

7 December 2000.

Paul's Pitts G-BLAG

This is Paul Ambrose's Pitts S-1D, which he flies in aerobatic competitions and displays. 

Latest: This aircraft has now been sold to Giles Caunter.

Updated 14 December 2002.


This 180 hp Pitts S-1S has recently been immaculately rebuilt by Pete Shaw, and is now winning numerous aerobatic competitions in the hands of Gerald Cooper.

Update: This aircraft has been sold to Tim Jenkinson and partners and is still doing well in competition.

Composite mouldings by Aerographic.

Updated 14th December 2002

Well done Howard!

Howard Brunt has completed his CAM 100 powered Isaacs Fury, and has successfully carried out an uneventful first flight.

Aluminium spinner custom spun by Aerographic.

Well done Steve!

Steve Carver wins his first (and second) (and third) (and fourth) aerobatic competition (intermediate) in his self-rebuilt Pitts S-2S G-EWIZ with aerobatic sighting-device by Aerographic. 

Latest: G-EWIZ is for sale. See here for details. Updated 14 December 2002.

Well done Alan!

Alan Coutts completes his Pitts S-1S project with composite mouldings by Aerographic.

Millennium Exhibit

Kevin Eld's Pitts G-LITZ is the star feature in the Millennium Exhibition at London's Design Museum.

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