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Leg Fairings
Screen Surrounds
Nose Bowls
Other Mouldings

Spring Gear Leg Fairings Over the past few years, Aerographic have manufactured various mouldings and fairings designed to fit sport biplanes and other homebuilts. These mouldings are now available to our customers, all manufactured in high-quality glass or carbon fibre reinforced plastics as required.

Mouldings are of the highest quality and the quality of finish is such that they can be used in the unpainted state.

These components are manufactured from a combination of high quality woven cloth materials and short-fibre matting, and are light-weight as well as stiff enough to perform their intended function.

Standard colour is gell-coat white but natural carbon fibre through a clear gell-coat is available on request. Other colours can be produced by special order and pricing should it be required.
Windscreen Surrounds
Spats and Brake Fairings
Nose bowls and Spinners
Other Mouldings including cabane, I-strut and tailplane fairings, carb/ injector intake box, etc
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Last modified: April 21, 2009