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Machined Parts

Aerographic can supply a range of machined parts as follows.

Control Column Torque Tube Blocks. 

Manufactured from HE-30TF Material (6082 T6) to Pitts S-1S dimensions. 

Either plane bearings (Pitts S-1C) or to fit KP6 bearing (S-1S). S-1S type requires one of each, see photo.

Note vertical clamping bolt holes are drilled undersize to allow for final through-drilling on installation.

Flying Wire Spears 

The design of these flying wire spears has been developed over a number of years. They are manufactured from HE30TF (6082 T6) aluminium bar, with nylon inserts to support the flying wires and prevent galling. 

Spears are designed to be fitted to the Pitts S-1, although the design can be adapted on request to suit other aircraft, please provide dimensions. 

Supplied slightly over-size. Will require final trimming to suit individual aircraft.

Pitot Tubes

Pitot-static tube suitable for installation on aerobatic aircraft and other homebuilts.

Supplied with circular spar attachment block to give a wider base to provide increased support for the pitot tube. Block drilled to accept standard AN pipe fittings.

Axle Spacers and Spat Support Blocks 

Axle spacers manufactured from 6082-T6 material to suit 5-00 x 5 axles and Cleveland wheels (1 3/4" outside diameter, 1 1/4" internal diameter, 1/4" thickness).

Wheel spat support manufactured to Pitts S-1S drawings in 6082-T6.

Note that none of the above parts are TSO'd as these products are specifically aimed at the homebuilder.


Description Part Number Ordering Unit Unit Price
Torque Tube Block (please state which type)
(two required per aircraft set)
tba One Set poa
Flying Wire Spear (two per set) tba One Set 130.00
Pitot Tube tba One 145.60
Axle Spacer (four required per aircraft set) tba One Set poa
Spat Support Block (two required per aircraft
tba One Set poa

For UK customers, add 10.00 postage and packaging.
For worldwide customers, please email aerographic for current shipping price, specifying surface or air freight delivery.

Delivery time - 2 - 3 weeks.


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Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you to take an order. Alternatively mail an enquiry to:  Aerographic, Forge Cottage, St Martins Road, Strelley, Nottingham NG8 3AR, UK, or phone (UK daytime) on 01159 290315.

I would like to order a set of torque-tube blocks for a Pitts S-1 (please state type of blocks required below).
I would like to order a set of flying wire spears (please state aircraft type and length required below).
I would like to order a pitot-static tube assembly.
I would like to order a set of 5-00 x 5 axle spacers.
I would like to order a set of Pitts S-1 wheel spat support blocks.

For customers outside the UK, please indicate delivery service required:
Air Freight
Surface Freight

Comments or 

Submit your request with your name, address and email details and we will endeavor to answer your questions, and confirm availability and prices including postage. Foreign customers please specify whether air-freight or surface mail is required.

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